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  • Saturday, March 01, 2008

    I made it through the Party people. Alas, I sit before you with puffy eyes, no make up, mismatched clothes, and wait..............ANOTHER HANGOVER.................. See I was fine. truly I was. The limo driver showed up on time, my other friends showed up at my place on time, all was smooth. Speaking of smooth, the Limo....I have not ridden in a Limo for fun purposes mind you. I have only felt them useful when attending funerals, and yet this one you can tell was not funeral purpose based. It had a bar set up with coronas and wine, glasses, a shade of disco lights of some sort, and well we popped in Callies Birthday CD mix, and started cruising downtown Atlanta and it was on people. Like sauce! By the time we got to Loca Luna I am sure i had a good buzz going on. And how would I know so you ask? Because when we got into the facility the same bartender that fixed my last drinks was working, recognized me, fixed me a drink along with one for my friend, and while having conversation with him I blurted.
    "We didnt drink here, we have a limo outside"
    Needless to say the look I got was too funny, and then it dawned on me of what I said. Such is life- let the party begin. I was told while sipping on my apple martini by a member of the Village People that my blouse was "beautiful" and that I was pretty and that the color- "salmon" was something I should wear often.... Graci for that comment. I proceeded to sip away only to then be approached by a handsome young man who I will name "A"- because well, I cannot recall what his real name was- but I know it started with an A. He proceeded to ask me about why I was there and of course I told him I was getting my birthday groove on and He responded by saying: "Ahhhhhhh your a Pisces!" People Mr. A then went into a whole 15 minute spill of my astrology chart and how I was in direct alignment with Jesus Christ. I kid you not. 30 minutes later we got our table and ordered appertizers. I gotta tell you, the food at Loca Lunas is "jonx" ! It was soooooooo good. I ordered......ummmm give me a moment. I am trying to recollect...Oh snaps I got it. I ordered ..............................shrimp in coconut milk and lime and chilies, and ahhhhhhhhhh........wow.....i can't recall the other dish I had. but it was goooood.
    Someone bought me a shot. I cannt tell you who- but thank you whomever you are. it was a specialty. tasted like a chocolate cake, but it was strong. and then someone else bought me a drink that really rawked socks, and before I knew it I was on the dance floor. All. Night. Long. Don't hate! I danced by myself, with women, with men, with the pole, on a chair. Sam I am. Don Henley was singing about me in that song "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"......I danced with so many men last night it was unreal. Salsa and R and B- heck I should audition for dancing with the stars. I even got a lap dance from some guy. He was good. and while he was shakin his bon bon in my face, I gave his bon bon a few slaps and grabs. ya know..for special affects. I did see Eric again- the manager and he is just to cute to boot! And then five hundred million hours and seconds later, I started to sweat profusely and ended up straggling to a chair and swayed for the remainder of the night until one of my party people helped me up and told me it was time to go home, because I was out of it. I dont know how I ended up in my bed nekkid. But thanks to whomever helped me out of my clothes and shoes and wrapped me up tighter than baby Jesus in swaddeling cloth. I do recall waking up in the middle of the night scratching really bad- it felt like something was biting and crawling all over my chest, so I stumbled into the bathroom- flipped on a light, and blinking profusely noticed my boob area was covered in welt like marks and bumps like poison ivey. It itched and burned so bad all I could think of to do in my lovely state of drunkeness was grab some cotton balls and douse myself with Listerine. So I did. The itching stopped and I was minty fresh. "Holla!"
    And then the inevitable happend. I was being called upon in the midst of my snoring slumber to the sound of: "Mom, Mom?" It's time to get up- I have school tutor classes this morning." 7am people! 7 am when my ass "just" laid down so it seemed. therefore I drug myself out my warm now minty fresh bed, into a hot shower and just sat in my tub as the water pounded me. I dropped him off- went and grabbed some cheap but strong coffee, and here I sit. Spilling my guts on "why" I only do this kind of partying once a year. and there you have it. I am miserable. truly. I ache, I have no idea why i am limping, and I keep trying to strain and recall how a dollar bill got in my bra strap and what the hell the other appetizer was that I ordered. go figure.
    So today is Day 2 until my official birthday. and you know what has dawned on me people? I am getting to old for this......really......well...maybe I can make it another 3 years before shuttin her down. until then, I will just lay off the pole dancing.