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  • Tuesday, May 29, 2007

    That's right peoples! I am brrrringin it to you : Bow Chika Wah Wah style! All fresh and such cause that people is how I roll.... By the way- if you have not seen the AXE commercial of the Bow Chika Wah Wah- someone needs to post it via youtube because it is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen....

    *Bow Chika Wah Wahhhh* I hope you all had a relaxing weekend but were also able to spend some time reflecting for our troops serving abroad and in your local areas... Much love to those of you that I know of that are....*Hugs- and Thank you for your sacrifice*

    Onward- Onward! People! I went and saw Pirates 3! Arrrrgggghhhhhh... Mouche knows this song better than anyone....

    Yo Ho Ho!

    The movie totally rawked. Johnny Depp has become the heart throb for women all over- *makes a piratess wannabe-blogger throw on some Pirate gear and start swashbuckling I tell ya* Oh but don't think I did not think this movie plan through mind you...See, Saturday night I told my son I needed him to go grocery shopping with me. Of course there was that sullen *alright* that escaped from his lips, and then I told Juan, *his best friend* that his mom needed a break and that he needed to come help also.... First stop...The Dollar store... They thought I had lost my mind because I cleaned out my purse and bought all this candy and soda in bottles * because hey, you cannot pop a canned soda open in the theatre in case the movie cops are in there* winks.... When I go to pay for everything my son blurts out...

    "Mom, are you ok or are you pregnant?"

    *Keep in mind he has no idea what I am doing this for*... Onward... We high tale it and I pull into the movie parking lot and they were ecstatic! You would have thought they won a prize of a Wii or something..It was a classic Kodak moment..And then the arduous task of candy and soda smuggling...I got majority of the candy in my purse...But I had no room for my Snapple or the other drinks...The boys decided they could smuggle it in their pants pockets until my son started walking and his pants started falling down...So without further adieu Juan says:

    "Look Look Look- we can do it like this!" He stuffs his soda in the elastic part of his underware- gives us a funny look on his face of cold shivers and then relaxes..my son follows suit, and I decide to buy a soda. All things go well, we settle in our seats and I start to dish out the sugary goodness loaded into my purse... Raisinettes, gummy worms, reeses cups, kit kats, sweet tarts..*Yeah..they were both loaded and cramping by nights end*...And then suddenly.....The movie was on..and the theatre crowd erupted in singing : Yo Ho A pirates life for me!!! Arrrrgggghhh People! Poetic Justice we were. And then- sweetness graced the screen in Pirate gear and jewelry and ohhhhh...You just gotta see it....!


    Needless to say, the remainder of my weekend was filled with being chased by 5 12 year olds in an ice cold swimming pool playing marco polo, spending 4 hours in Barnes and Nobles.. *I picked out 2 books that I wanted to get but cannot till payday so I read them there*, a few hours visit to Einstein Bagels, and last but not least....More movies compliments of Block Buster....... I am for a change movied out...But it was time spent well......I got a gold star award for being the coolest mom in the neighborhood..I am sure the other moms are hatin by now.... *winks*

    And for my weekend vent.... *You know I had to have one right?*

    Mr. Man in the theatre who just did not grab the concept of the commercials of silencing your cell phone... Not only did you did not get the hint the first time, when everyone started yelling at you to turn it off, but you still did not shut it off completely and allowed it to go off again during a crucial scene of Johnny Depps! Instead of me chiming in with my yelling along with other people, I took a hard sneeze and found one of my milk duds slowly slicing through the air in which it landed square on the back of your head. Matrix Style! *Score*! I saw you look around skeeered as you tried to silence your phone in which you dropped and now has disappeared under the seats somewhere. You now are panicked as some big guy has threatened to beat your azz- and your huddled on the floor by using someone elses phone light to find yours...I see your little head pop up again and you apologize to everyone.... You get the Jackazz award for that evening....

    PS... be sure to wash your hair reallll good, as my milk duds melted in my purse and the one that mysteriously shot out of my hand was somewhat gooey.

    And that ladies and gents...Is my movie rant for the day.

    Yo Ho Ho
    A Pirates Life for me!