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  • Tuesday, July 03, 2007

    People!!! Hold on to your socks because I have a good one for you this morning... I was asked to report bright and early this morning to a meeting... What?? No worries... So I show up and when I am faced with a few familiar faces I am immediately aware of the situation. So I walk in say my goodmornings, and cop a squat... Now let Momma school you on the past incident so you won't be lost...

    We shall address this young lady as Ms. G...
    Ms. G did not wear her security badge- or she did but has a habit of taking it off-rushing out of the building to attend meetings, and then gets upset when I tell her she needs to contact someone from her department to let her back in.
    This has happened 4 times in her 6 months of working here.
    Yes, every now and then I let people slide and use my badge.
    But not for Habitual Users..
    She and I get into an argument last week- she felt I was inconveniencing her..blah blah blah...cry me a damn river...Updated? Got it? Good...

    So...I get in and I am faced with my Supervisor, Ms. G and Her Supervisor.. I am then being apologized to for having to come down, but there was an issue being brought to them on behalf of Ms. G and they were being proactive. It seems Ms. G has told them.. Get this...

    "I am a Racist"

    Me: are you serious?
    Ms. G: Yes. I feel that you are racist and you pick on me alot.
    Me: Ok....I am not trying to be rude, nor am I being disrespectful, but have I called you any racial names?
    Ms. G: no, but your actions speak louder than your words.
    Me: Ok....Excuse me but I am going to ask some questions just to make sure I understand what you are saying.... You are upset and think I am racist?
    Ms. G: yes
    Me: and when did you feel this way?
    Ms. G: after last week
    Me: and that was when you and I had a confrontation about your security badge correct?
    Ms.G: yes..I feel that you are racist and pick on me because I am from India.
    Me: Ok.......let's stop right here and now. I do not have to pick at anyone. I am doing my job according to what I am told and trained to do, If you come to work each day knowing you need your security badge to get into the building and you leave it, that is your problem. If you feel that I am the one causing you problems, direct it to the persons in this room because they are the ones that implement the policies and procedures. I am paid to enforce it. It is nothing personal, it is my job.
    Ms. G: Well, I just feel that you dislike me.
    Me: do you have your badge now? at this moment?
    Ms. G: ......no. It is at my desk I was rushing to get here for this meeting...
    Me: as usual.....But...I do not have to do this...but I feel I need too because you are making accusations that you cannot back up.

    So....I ask if the phone that is sitting on the table in front of us is plugged in..They say yes..and I make a few calls via speakerphone method....
    One to a friend of mine:

    Him: Hello
    Me: Hey goodmorning you!
    Him: laughs..Hey how are you...?
    Me: I am well..I am sorry but I am putting you on the spot for a moment. I am in a meeting with my supervisors because I am being accused of being racist by an employee...If you do not mind..I have two questions. What race are you...?
    Him: white
    Me: and what race was my ex husband?
    Him: White
    Me: Thanks.I will call you later....

    So now I look at Ms. G and I politely say:

    Me: you feel I am racist towards people from India? give me a moment.

    So I dial my next caller. I kinda felt like I was on the show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I was phoning a friend...

    Him: Hello
    Me: Heyyyyyy!!! Jitu, How are you? do you know who this is???
    Him: Heyyyyyy!!! *laughs* I was just thinking of you the other day I saw your mom..and asked about you.
    Me: yeah I will be down in a few weeks we can have dinner..But listen I have you on speaker phone with a few supervisors and I need to put you on the spot to answer a few questions....at random... First..what race are you...?
    Him: Indian
    Me: how long have you known me?
    Him: years. Since you were in highschool
    Me: Name the two men that I dated that you set me up with.
    Him: Ramesh and Sunil....
    Me: thanks. I will call you later.....
    Him: laughs..Ok... bye!

    People....my kindness has now hit pissed level.... And I think it showed....because I now look at everyone in the room and throw the question out there...

    Me: If anyone here feels that I am still racist please let me know. I have other people that I can call ranging from Greek to Hispanic. I am offended that I am being pulled into this meeting having to defend myself over stupid allegations. Has my job description changed?

    My Supervisor: no..and we appreciate all you do for the security of our employees.....

    Me: may I be excused?
    Her: Yes...thank you for coming down.

    People...... I so had an ally mcbeal moment and wanted to punch her in her face.. Instead I maintained my dignity and did what I could...The nerve of her....It is now 40 something minutes later and she has yet returned back from the meeting... I wonder what else she can pull out of her ass.....

    But believe me...my next back up plan was to call my friend Christie aka Tookie. I would have had to request a little beat down session after work... But I am fine now...really....... I guess I was pissed that the issue of a race card was being thrown. And it was thrown because she was in the wrong..... Anyone else ever come across this?????

    Holla back